cal.gifNo. You’re not wrong. it’s many months yet before the little guy celebrate’s his first birthday. But we can hardly keep up with his social calendar of birthday parties.

One can have little doubt about how couples kept themselves amused in the depths of winter in 2005, because this week Calvin will be attending not one, but two birthday parties, his third and fourth!

By the seond party he had already wised up to the drill. An attractively laid tot-sized table, celebratory serviettes (that’s napkins to y’all), and paper plates… most of them filled with a colourful and healthy mix of low sugar, cheerios-styled coloured cereal and sliced fruit. That is, except for his plate and those of one or two others who haven’t yet started on those sorts of solid food a.k.a. finger food.

He was enchanted by the first party. The singing, the table, the photos. He played cheerfully with his empty plate, folding it and gnawing on it. He flapped his serviette in the air. Then he tried to sample his neighbours’ fare.

After some shifting of plates out of his reach, he sat back and contemplated the setup. Then he calming leaned forward, grabbed the table cloth, and pulled it steadily so that every plate on the table began a slow and steady progression toward him. A-ha!

Of course his attempts were stymied. But come party number two, our lad was ready. No sooner were his fellow guests seated and a few plates of cookies and cupcakes placed in the centre of the table, then he lunged! In one fell swoop Calvin secured the largest frosted cookie in the pile. He smooshed it into his face, mouth agape.

Sadly his attempts at becoming one with the cookie — intended for adult consumption, it must be noted — were foiled yet again. The only reward for his admirable efforts were that he got to ‘wear’ frosting for the rest of the celebration.

So who knows what to expect this week, where Wednesday holds a party for one friend and Saturday another? No doubt our young ‘un has been plotting his next move. We’ll keep you posted.

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