Ironies in action. A few oddities that struck me over the past few days. (That’s what lying in bed recovering from a congesting virus will do to your brain!)

The setting: the south end of Times Square, above the main entrance to the subway.
The scene: multi-storey billboards that wrap around the entire building.
The irony? The billboards are witty adverts for Target. You know, the store that us New Yorkers can buy from if we go online or rent a car to drive to the nearest store.

The setting: A shiny, silver, sidewalk food vendor cart
The scene: A lunch line three dozen deep
The first irony: That line is one of the most democratic and equalizing entity yet; in it are customers with annual incomes that differ by $100,000 or more.
The second irony: There don’t appear to be any overtly muslim patrons, but the vendor’s unique selling proposition blasted all over the cart, is that this is a Halal meal.
The third irony: Halal food for lunch… during Ramadan? Yup, Ramadan, that time of year when the muslim faithful of seven and older fast between sunrise and sunset.

The bottom line? Commerce rules.

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