It’s official. After a week of crawling a few paces without realizing it, Calvin has mastered mobility on all fours and nothing and no one is safe.

Calvin celebrated his seven month mark by giving me a happy surprise. I plopped him off on the carpet in his room and was in the bathroom running is bath. I’d been there barely a few minutes and was turning to put a towel down when I came face to face with Calvin, right behind me, looking very pleased with himself as he unpacked his nappies (diapers) from where they were stored.

Since then there’s been little stopping him. He’s thrilled to be under his own steam, to be able to go where he chooses without assistance. Overnight we implemented our baby proofing operation, resulting in almost no adult in the household being able to open the cupboards, get to the garbage, use the stove or open the toilet!

Catch the little guy in pursuit of one of his favourite toys, below.

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