Foam paint is fun! In case you hadn’t guessed. It’s particularly fun the first time you get to paint anything. Imagine the squishy sensation of a sticky colourful substance on your hands… that isn’t your food. Even better, there are many colours, and you’re encouraged to spread them around as you like on a large piece of paper. Bingo!


One of the lovely things about Calvin’s creche is that the team will document your child’s activities. Here’s our little one literally trying his hand with a dab of blue and a hint of rose. We have the mini-masterpiece. It would be quite fun to frame with these photos of him in action.

Apparently he was quite focused on the experience of the texture of the paint, as well as the results of him moving his hands about and seeing the picture take shape.

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  1. we always knew that any child born of such talented parents would be very special. and of course, easy predictions come true. we can’t wait to see you all on nov. 30th!

    pat & carol

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