tram.gifJust this evening I chanced across a New York Times article written about the place we currently call home: Roosevelt Island. I learned a lot about the tram Calvin and I commute on every morning; like that it reaches a height of 250 feet and that, until two years ago, it was the only commuting tram in the USA.

In addition, I got a heartwarming feeling as I read about the “special seat,” the step stool that kids Calvin’s age and older zoom to. The photo was taken this summer, while Calvin was standing on the stool.

Calvin loves the tram, seeing it swinging its way across the East River, riding it in the morning and traffic spotting vehicles in the evening. I wonder if the experience will do anything to aid his understanding of size, space and perspective, as he realizes that things are diminutized as one rises.

What I do know is that he has a heap of fun, the only challenge being when we have to exit the tram and get back into the pram!

So if you’re wondering what our Monday-to-Friday tram commutes are like, click here to read the article.



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