child_safety.gifCalvin was most interested in the ‘Have Fun, Be Safe!’ publication I brought home from work. This fabulous resource deals with the major ways that children can be injured and is filled with lots of activities to engage children. That would be children older than Calvin, but I was amazed to observe his interest in the document. (Here Dad shares in Calvin’s excitement over a section of the publication.)

Yes, the illustrations are marvellous, but they also seemed to communicate well to him at some level. For example, he pointed to the children near the flames and commented, “Hot, hot!” He was engaged by the boy playing with a soccer ball that bounces into the road, saying, “Ball… No, no, no!” and wagging his finger. And he spent a lot of time on the page with people in and around the water, pointing out that some of them were wearing “doddle” i.e. goggles, which incidentally, is the word he uses to generalize all forms of eyewear.

helmet.gifHe was most interested in the people who were on bicylces or motorbikes, either wearing or failing to wear their helmets, “Hat!” Which was perfect, as we recently bought him a helmet in anticipation of his evolution to tricylehood. He had not been interested in it at all, but newly inspired, he proudly put on and took off his helmet several times… lets hope the positive (and safety) associations stick!



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