Okay. I admit it. I am a commuting wussy. With the highs here not even getting above freezing and Calvin and I ‘a deux’ for the next few days, I have relented and am taking the easy way out.

For the past two weeks, Calvin and I have been following a new commuting route. We walk, we take busses, we take trams. This is in contrast to me pushing the not-so-little guy in the pram.  It has worked for the past fortnight. He’s been, for the most part, a pretty impressive little public transport trooper.

I had intended to continue this week, but the combination of the plummeting temperatures and no supportive Dad for half the week have me caving.

So we took a car in (per usual for a Monday), and a taxi home. Calvin was delighted. He quite likes taxis and especially likes singing his “Taxi, taxi, sitting in the back seat” song. He’s rather good about greeting, thanking and goodbying the drivers too. I just hope the next few days don’t turn him into a taxi-demanding little guy, because it’ll be back to public transport before the week is out. (Or maybe next week, when we may actually get to one, or perhaps two degrees above freezing… and that’s Fahrenheit!)



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