Chinese New Year 4707, the year Year of the ox

Chinese New Year 4707, the year Year of the ox

It’s officially Chinese New Year (4707) after midnight tonight. If it were any warmer, say even a degree above freezing, I’d actually entertain the thought of hanging out in either of the Chinatowns near us, and soaking up the delicacies, fireworks, colour and celebration.

However, being below frigid, I’m quite happy to celebrate it mentally, while holing up in our warm apartment.

This morning, Calvin inspired an extensive cleaning of the apartment by pointing out some crumbs, fetching the brush and dustpan, and proceeding to try and sweep them up. Yes, dust tyrannosaurus rex, crumbs and sundry bits were visible everywhere. The two of us hauled out the  vaccuum cleaner and did an impressively thorough job on the apartment.

Thorough? We moved the furniture, took out the bottom drawers of chests, lifted the carpets. Super sensitive asthmatics would feel very comfortable in our home right now.

Many hours later, as we were choosing some books to read, Calvin picked out one about Chinese festivals. We read about New Year, and discovered that our morning’s work was indeed integral to sending out the old year and preparing for the new. For it is apparently tradition to thoroughly clean out your home to “rid it of the bad luck” and “make welcoming room for the good luck the New Year will bring. Bring it on!



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