What’s with 2037? No, it’s not me confusing the title of a movie (like Wong Kar-wai’s 2046.) It’s the latest date my Blackberry, manufactured by RIM (or Research In Motion), will allow me to set reminders for annual events. You know, like birthdays.

See, there a little of a resolution bug that has me dutifully entering the dates of those important events of those nearest and dearest — so I won’t confuse my anniversary month (been done before), or miss a birthday (the year is but a few weeks old and I’ve already managed to do that), nor feel simultaneously bouyed and shamed by the wonderful wishes I receive from those of you organized people out there when my special days roll around.

Hence the flurry of data entry this afternoon, aided by a certain nap of a certain small someone (or heavens knows everyone would end up with randomly assigned dates and get surprise wishes from yours truly.)

But back to RIM. I was trying to set reminders for the next fifty years, figuring that with luck, most of us would be around. But a curt message alerted be that no repeats could be set after 2037. Huh? Is that my personal digital assistant’s way of trying to tell me I’m not going to make it to retirement? Or is this a new, ‘millennium buggy’ feature? A 28-year limit¬†seems a little random to me.



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