Cornish pasty... tastes much better than it looks!

Cornish pasty... tastes much better than it looks!

The past week or so has been a little out of step. I can pinpoint the moment the planet tilted a little off its axis: it’s the slow motion image of my Blackberry slipping off the ledge above the wash baisin and being doused by water.

Despite taking immediate action — dabbing madly, splintering nails to get the battery out, laying it out to dry — it has officially been declared dead.

But it’s not a case of ‘the blackberry is dead; long live the blackberry,’ as it’s successor has been a little delayed. Thus, I am living in the days of pre-mobile phone/devices. The result has encompassed everything from relaxing to anxiety-inducing, frustrating to absurdly amusing.

For a few days I find myself without a partner too, as he is off on a business trip. Observations thus far include things not to do when your partner is away — be without a phone, or try the ‘self-clean’ function on the oven for the first time — but one fun activity I can recommend is to make your own meat pies.
Rather than avail myself of the opportunity to luxuriate in Jay’s favourite chair, monopolise the TV and watch appallingly bad programming, or maximise the chance to cover as many diagonal inches of the bed as possible… I have chosen to try my hand at making cornish pasties. (Pronounced “past” as in not the future.)
Since returning from South Africa and seeing Calvin gobble his way through meat pies of all description, I’ve been on a meat pie mission. A friend (EM) turned me on to Tuckshop, the place that homesick Australians go to get their pie fix, and that excursion kept me satisfied for some weeks. But with a couple of cornish pastie recipies on file, it was only a matter of time before I had to fire up the oven and give it a try.
Never having made a meat pie before, I consulted my basic cuisine bible, ‘The Joy of Cooking.’ Pate brisse seemed to be the thing and I put that together last night. This evening involved more cutting than a stirfry for 12, as I sliced and diced the beef, potatoes and onion.
If the proof of the pie is in the eating too, then this was effort well invested… yum! Now we’ll have to see if Calvin agrees, because guess what he’s getting for lunch tomorrow?



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  1. I totally sympathize with your Blackberry problem! When my old one died a few months ago, I realized how dependent my life had been on that little device! Can’t imagine now how those pre-cellular days were like!!!

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