Built-in braai option by Jetmaster (Image: Jetmaster.co.za)

Built-in braai option by Jetmaster (Image: Jetmaster.co.za)

There comes a time in any South African house — and by that I mean both a house inhabited by a South African, or a house in South Africa — at which the braai (barbeque) must be considered. This could be as simple as a clearing, bricks and recycled oven grate; to a drum with metal grill; to an obsecenely expensive, stainless steel, you-can-spit-braai-an-entire-slaghuis-on-this-rotisserie option. And somewhere along that spectrum is a place we see ourselves.

Are we a Multibraai No. 2 family? (And is that like being a potjie number 5 familie?) That would be a medium-sized family that would make good use of a 700m wide, dual burner. Or perhaps we’re more of a Jetmaster Bib 700… or 1000… or 1400… I can’t even speculate whether we’re any kind of Homefires family because I can’t access their website, leading to speculation that perhaps they’ve gone out of business.

Those effe with braai-tiquette will already have taken note that I didn’t mention charcoal briquettes, kindling, fire starters or even lighter fluid.  Yes, after much soul searching, we’ve decided that gas really does have many advantages over other forms of carbon, amongst them instant gratification (or should that be grate-ification?) and instant clean up. Imagine a braai without ashes.

But I know there are better informed braaiers out there with the goods. So here’s hoping that you’ll weigh in on what the best options are for a built in, gas braai for an outdoor location. Light it up!



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