C and me, suited up for a paint job.

Congestion has been the theme for the past fortnight.

We suspect that all three of us have been laid low by… allergies. Though none of us have ever before suffered seasonal allergy symptoms, we’re a family picture of health symptoms begging for a Claritin advert. Over the past two weeks, we’ve experienced a sudden onset of severe sinus headaches, blocked ears, noses, throats… (Poor C can’t even hear properly!)

Our respiratory tract blockage was mimicked by traffic patterns around the opening of the General Assembly last week. Roads were blocked off, with loads of additional security, and we got to walk through it every day on our way to pre-school. It gave Calvin the opportunity to pose hard questions like, “Why is there security?”, “What is security,” and “That’s a really big gun! Why do you have to have it?” to a balaclava-wearing, heavily armed agent, who replied, “To keep you safe,” to which he responded, “Why do you need to keep me safe?’

And then there is one instance of voluntary congestion. We turned our balcony into an impromptu paint booth, taping it up with drop cloths and gearing up with masks and safety goggles. Once Calvin was safely observing from the inside, I sprayed our soon-to-be-subway-car boxes for Halloween. Three coats and one can of silver spray paint later, and we have our basic train shapes done. The next step is to fill in all the details — windows with wipers, doors, MTA and actual route signage. For that, I was happy to find large, transparent stickers that we can print on with our inkjet at home. We’ll keep you posted on how this all turns out.



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