A few minor victories to celebrate, particularly related to Xairu.

We had our first guest! Despite the unpleasant surprise of no hot water, he loved the place so much he’s planning to return for multiple weekends.

The lack of hot water also led us — through GK, the node of all good things on Walker Bay — to a highly competent local electrician. Not only did he restore the  hot water, but he also researched our solar heating system and identified a wiring snafu.. and fixed it. Hurrah for Mr O. Another key resource for our speed dial.

And to round it off, I finally eked out an hour to sort out our website photo gallery. The paid solution was lacking in many ways, starting with awful design options, so I customized a simple page template and put together our own working version. (See image.) And yes, usability folks, the “previous” and “next” functions centred at the bottom of the images are ‘coming soon’, but for now, I’m going… to sleep.



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