Our subway costumes in progress

With just under two weeks to go to Halloween, and a mid-intersection check in from my friend SJ, it was time to make a little more progress on our train costumes.

As you know, we went with the boxes (read about the earlier phase here.) Then I found the perfect paper: letter-sized transparent and sticky. It’s like a giant, see-through sticker.

That let me create some sides and a front for our subway, which you can see in the photo. Unfortunately the flash makes it look like I simply printed the side and front views out on ordinary pieces of paper and adhered them. In reality, it makes for a great, somewhat seamless and transparent effect.

One W train down and either another W or two Fs to go. (Have to check with the little engineer.)¬†Also planned are black wheels that will be able to turn, and of course, straps, so we can ‘wear’ our trains.

To end, i love the punniest piece of all from friend SS. “Excellent. you know the W train was discontinued, right? So you guys are going as the ‘Ghost of the W train.”



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