Pride of pumpkin in our house

We planned our farmer’s market trip and the most important purchase of the day… (okay, the second after the sticky buns!) the pumpkin. We bought two, but after carving the first, the second will remain a whole, season, table decoration.

I think some in the household thought Calvin and I had bitten off more than we could carve, but no one could hold back the duo wielding sharp, dangerous tools.

C and I both liked the spider pattern in our pumpkin pattern book, and so together we carved off a lid and scraped out the innards. (C says to us the proper word he learned in school, which is “pulp.”)

C was quite keen on using the mini-saws, and managed to carve about three elements of the web. But a pumpkin is an unwieldy patient. So he sensibly decided to build a new railway track and read with Pop, while I finished off the carving. And have to say I’m inordinately proud of the result.

Structural, sculptural, mounding... my favourite kind of arrangement

While our jack-o-lantern has been brightening up the apartment, I’ve been considerably brightened by a brilliant birthday week — being too spoiled from¬†wishes around the world, beautiful flowers, generous gifts, a lovely dinner out. What a great way to start the new, personal year.



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  1. Great finished project! was so pleased to spend some wonderful casual time with you, Jay, and Calvin. Thanks for the terrific hospitality!

    Love to all,

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