Halloween weekend has started off well. Our train costumes got their first showing in the company of princesses, ocean life (shark and orca whale), and many older superheroes. Where? At Calvin’s pre-school costume ball.

Both he and I were excited and proud to be wearing the only home-made costumes. I was prouder still that his train withstood vigorous rounds of dancing, jumping and hugging friends. It took a few adjustments of the ribbon ‘suspenders’ to get it right, but our pair of W (Ghost of the…) and F subway trains worked really well.

The added bonus for their second showing, scheduled for high noon tomorrow in our local Halloween Parade down Main Street, is that they are roomy enough to accommodate the cold weather gear we’ll be wearing underneath them! Tomorrow we hope dad will be well enough to make it a total family train affair.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas, links and support!



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