Serious political neutrality... right down to the cupcakes. Note the red elephant, the blue donkey, and requisite red, white and blue.

There is a lot of anxiety in our household tonight: Jay is anxious about the election outcome and Calvin is anxious that he will miss going to the polling station tomorrow. He marched out of his bedroom after bedtime saying, “You guys are making too much noise and preventing me from getting enough sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep I won’t wake up in enough time to go vote tomorrow!”

He know’s it important and I hope you do too. As someone who was the first generation of their family to get to vote in South Africa’s first free election in 1994, I can’t emphasize enough what a privilege it is to exercise your right to do so. So do it! Whoever you vote for.

As for me, the only high anxiety I have is whether I eat any more of these election-themed cupcakes from Crumbs :0) Thankfully I have two most welcome distractions: my new knitting project and, wonderfully, a friend of ours displaced by Sandy who is staying over. Finally I feel like I am providing a minuscule bit of in-person help to someone!



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