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I’ve worked out that sometimes to sustain a marathon one needs to indulge in a quickie or two. Spoiler alert: this is probably not the quickie you’re free associating, nor is there any running involved. What is involved is the equally challenging effort around knitting a shawl. It’s not as engaging as one might imagine to get to 63 inches long… row after row after row. (Even though I was realistic about the project — remember?) That’s almost as tall as me!

So to jump start my motivation I hunted about for something with (almost) instant gratification. Enter the neck warmer. A stroll away is the wonderfully inspiring Annie and Co knitting shop, and I was fortunate to also have received a gift certificate for Christmas. (Thank you MH, AH, EH and MH!)

The space is a kaleidoscope of texture and colour and… discounted options too. Three balls of chunky wool later + size 19 needles (about the thickness of a cheese stick) + two hours and… the joy of casting off and finishing this neck warmer. I sewed on the cool button and got to wear it the next morning. (Click here to download the pattern.)

Edible art.

Edible art.

Quickies come in different guises and, Jay and I took advantage of a few hours of baby sitting to sample a local wine bar in our neighbourhood. We’d been walking past it since July and musing that it looked like a place we’d like to try.

We sashayed in to ‘By the glass‘, where Jay sampled a range of Bordeauxs and I sipped my Port flight with great satisfaction. (There’s nothing like it on a freezing night!) We also shared a cheese plate, which turned out to be a plate of artistry. Forgive the poor image quality I blame the Blackberry and not the booze. What looks like white chrysanthemums are actually shaved cheese. It tasted as good as it looked!

The quickies are here to stay–so I’ll be seeking those opportunities. (Including claiming a spot at the communal table in Annie & Co. and knitting in company :0)




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