I’ve discovered that I was completely wrong about four things these last seven days of singledom. One, that perhaps I over-estimated the week I took off work. Two, that I would get some chill time to kick back, relax and (three) diligently blog about what the week would hold. Four, that I would get to work out everyday. Hah! It’s been all hard labour all around and around the clock.

wedprep-s.jpgIt’s been a non-stop, personal action flick in which my mom, brother and soon-to-be-hubby have done their own stunts. The real-time movie stars:
* Jay — the master with a paper guillotine, sliced and diced the menus, the programmes; also the iTunes DJ; the accommodation guru; the transportation logistics manager; CFO and COO and chief of all things.
* My mom — the glue-stick-conductor whipped papers into shape as menus, shopped and wrapped attendant gifts, kept the fridge stocked and our stomachs and tastebuds tantalized with delicious meals (including dinners for those fabulous friends from good old SA!)
* My brother — paired with my mom, is the fantastic favour fashioners who turned 240 individually wrapped edibles + 90 squares + many tiny bottles + stainless steel paperclips + 9 metres of organza and feet of ribbon into many things of beauty.

Guest appearances by:
* Agnes, Mervyn, Andres, Heidi and my mom — Those fabulous South Africans who cleared the shelves of Highveld bottle stores (wholesale and retail) of tot-sized liqueurs… say no more… and ingeniously packed them all here to New York with not one drop spilled among them!

So with such a fabulous team, I was just kicking back, right? Sadly not. There are so may things to be done! Dresses to be fitted; identifying, tracking down and tactfully confronting Barney’s menswear managers for upsetting one’s fiance; designing items; taking great calls from friends and family close and far; receiving presents (and hoarding them to open on Sunday, our wedding Christmas equivalent); hairpieces, hair appointments; licenses and… stuff!

Phew. But it’s now down to 40 hours and counting! Wee!

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  1. With the whole illegal immigration issue being top of the political agenda this week, isn’t it a bit dodgy to be using slave labour for your wedding – not to mention the whole nepotism thing? :-0 Sounds frantic but as well-oiled as usual, and deeply wishing I was in New York to share . . . well, maybe not the salt mines stuff, but certainly the excitement and the fun and the joy and seeing all you guys. Hope you have a MAGNIFICENT, WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING time this weekend. Best of luck and lots and lots of love to you all.

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